Sunday, May 6, 2012

Halloween blocks for Sonja's Halloween Quilt of Awesomeness

I'm doing some catching up here...

Sonja from the VMQG is a fantastic paper-pieced block designer and her patterns appear in all sorts of magazines.  Now that she's posted the The Halloween Quilt of Awesomeness, I guess I can post these pictures.
Sonja the call out for paper piecers to test her patterns and give feedback on the instructions and difficulty level, so I volunteered.  Here's some I put together for a Halloween quilt she was creating.
Larry from the Black Lagoon

Mumford the Mummy
I also tried a Mrs Mummy.  I think she need pearl earrings and necklace made with sewn-on shirt buttons.  That would be very Mrs. Cleaver, I think.  I shot them on "barnwood" as that's a very etsy thing to do.

I also made a wolfman.  The request was it had to be a plaid shirt.  The hair didn't have enough contrast against the night sky, so I had to do another one with a lighter sky that turned out much better. 
attempt 1

attempt 2
There was also the monster Frank.  Here's the ones I passed back to Sonja.  I changed the lagoon to blue as she wanted the lagoon solid and not bubbly and murky.
Here's Sonja's finished quilt from her Flickr page.

The Halloween Quilt of Awesomeness by sonjaartisania 
The Halloween Quilt of Awesomeness, a photo by sonjaartisania on Flickr.
Be sure to click through Sonja's pictures to see close-ups of the quilting.

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