Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Wheel

I'm still coming up with a name for this one.

I bought a big 10degree wedge that I really wanted to try out.  At the VMQG meeting at Trout Lake, I won a 1/2 meter of Cynthia's newly designed fabric. The wedge is about 20 inches long, so I cut the fabric in half at the centre fold, then cut out all the wedges I could.  I then cut out white wedges and sewed them all together, alternating the fabric and the white.

I needed 2 more coloured wedges, so I went through my solids looking for scraps and I pieced together two more wedges - can you figure out which?
 It took a while to decide on the colour for the background.  I went with Kona Curry, the colour that sets off anything and everything.  It's such a fantastic colour!  I chose a dark blue as the binding as it matches the blue in the featured fabric.  Since I had to go to Spool of Thread to get the blue, I bought a strip of the featured fabric so I could do something on the back. 
The big circle and the rectangles on the back are purposely off centered.  It's artistic, really!

This is the "grown-up" quilt for a 14 year old boy, William.  His mom threw away his baby quilt after the dogs ruined it.  William was upset when he found out, so my dad asked me to make him a replacement quilt that William could keep through his adult life.

I just need to show this off at the guild meeting and get some photos off to Cynthia, the fabric designer.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Trunk Show Part 5 - Small Quilts

Here's some odds and ends - small quilts that were tests of techniques or trial runs.

Face Quilts

I made a couple face quilts.  I had seen some like this on the internet and loved the simplicity and the big bold slabs of colour.
 I pieced in the lettering and love the "pokerface" expression.

This blue guy was without a back for a long time.  I made the back when we had a challenge to make a quilt that represents you - so I did my current hairstyle.

30's reproduction boxes

I love Kona solids.   Here I paired them up with 30's reproductions to make really simple blocks.  I like how the drop shadows give a great dimension to these ordinary blocks.  I made about 50 of these blocks, some with the solid on the outside, some with the solid on the inside.
Here's one for Katherine and a pillow for her sister Mollie.  They were next door neighbours.
Baby Quilt 1
And here one for Marissa, my Cousin's little girl
Notice I was still using tone on tone backgrounds here.  I hadn't fully embraced solids yet.

These are mini versions of a design by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr

I tried it in orange on white, all blues and this one, blue on yellow.  When the next niece or nephew comes along, I'll put a back on it and give it away.  The blues are all Kaffe Fassett prints and so are all but one of the orange fabrics.

I was working with my colour wheel trying out complementary, analogous and triads for the bars between the orange fabrics.  It turns out there are no rules - everything works.   I had fun with the backs, using up the rest of the Kaffe Fassett prints.

 Japanese Quilt

This is a little test I made with some Japanese prints.  My friend Hisayo told me I shouldn't have mixed the seasons - there are plum and cherry blossoms, which are fine, but I shouldn't have included the chrysanthemums.  They are from a different season.  I'm finding out that the mustard-gold colour goes great with everything.  The colour is Curry from the Kona solids line.  Terry Ashe from the VMQG has used it in several quilts she has shown at the guild meetings, I have to thank her for introducing me to it.

Beach Ball Quilt

 I decided I was going to master insetting circles, so I made some circles and tried several tutorials and found out you just have to cut accurately and sew an accurate 1/4 inch seem and it works fine.  Most wrinkles can get ironed out and quilted out.
I put together wedges, then cut them into an off centered circle.  Then cut a hole in the background fabric exactly 1in. in diameter less than the circle.  When you sew it together with a 1/4 in. seam it will fit.  Since the circles looked like beach balls, I made the back like a towel we had that we used at the beach.  The "wrinkles" are on purpose.  If there's ever a niece or nephew needing a quilt, I'll finish this one.

Music of the Planets quilt

This little quilt is inspired by one of Dan of the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. A friend of mine found recordings made by the Voyager Space Craft as it passed by the planets.  It's not just static, there's chords, sustained tones, pops, booms, cool rhythms and unexpected changes.  I quilted vibrating lines between the planet's paths on this quilt.  One day I'll figure out what colour to bind it in and will get it finished.  One day...
The blue planets are made of squares from my box of left-overs from other quilts.  The big circle was too big for the front, so I put half on front and half on the back.  I inset the blue circles into the orange circles, then inset those into the background.  I still haven't decided how to quilt the blue areas.