Saturday, February 9, 2013

VMQG Workshop - Gees Bend Style Blocks

I gave a day long workshop on Feb 3 for the VMQG where we all made some Gees Bend style blocks.  The group of 12 was great, everyone brought very unique fabric with very unique colours and patterns.

We started out looking at three quilts done in this technique and I put 2 blocks up on the wall showing examples of how to make the square bulls-eye and what level of wonkyness and strip width to try, then we all got started.

Most people brought several options for fabrics so I went around consulting on what could be used as background and what could be used as the colour strips.

Here's what the first block for each person turned out once they were cut in quarters and put back together.

Gee's Bend Inspired Workshop with Paul Krampitz, organized by VMQG

Then we all started making the blocks 3 or four at a time.  Here's what they looked like once another block or two had been made.
Elsie's Gees Bend blocks in progress.
Elsie's blocks
Gee's Bend Inspired Workshop with Paul Krampitz, organized by VMQG
Victoria's blocks (Jo)
Heather's Gees Bend blocks in progress.
Heather's blocks
Gaye's blocks

Loretta's Gees Bend blocks in progress
Loretta's Gees Bend blocks
Arita's Gees Bend blocks in progress
Arita's blocks
Terri's blocks
Anna's blocks
Michelle's blocks

Gee's Bend Inspired Workshop with Paul Krampitz, organized by VMQG
Nikki's blocks
Michelle's blocks
I love how everything comes together so nicely with this technique.  Each block that is made and cut up ends up very different from the previous.  As you mix and match the blocks throughout the quilt, you get a very graphic effect.  Depending on the background and contrast of the coloured fabrics, you can end up with a very calming effect like Heather, Arita and Gaye or a more jarring excitable effect like the rest of them. 

Thanks so much, Terri and Arita for taking these pics throughout the day.  Just because we're only showing 1 block for some people, doesn't mean they are slackers.  We just didn't get a shot of their entire production.

If I have some mis-identified, let me know and I'll fix the names.

UPDATE:  Arita finished her top!
Gees Bend Inspired Top.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mini Bento Boxes

I started sewing up these little quarter log cabin squares.  This idea is from Modern Quilts Illustrated issue 2, a mini magazine with patterns, design ideas, quilty information all from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.  They are amazing designers and have great ideas to share.

The blocks end up at 3.5 inches square.

I sewed a 3/4 inch white strip to the sides and made an 8 x 8 square

Then I made more and added them along two sides with a white inclusion running through.

I think I'll make a whole bunch more and keep growing it bigger.  Perhaps as the "back" for this quilt. Curvy on one side, blocky on the other.