Sunday, November 27, 2011

Girlfriends Quilt update

I finished the Girlfriends quilt and it's now ready for the silent auction at our upcoming band concert.
 I used the same red for the binding that was used in three of the picture mats.
 And I found some great plaid flannel for the back.  Perfect for these outdoorsy girls.  The birdwatching girl is actually wearing a plaid bikini!
 The stippling is a big curvy stipple and the frames are just quilted with straight lines 1/4 in in from the edges.
I took it into rehearsal on Thursday and the band members love it, so I think it'll be a hit and will hopefully get some high bids.


  1. Where oh where did you find this pin up girl fabric, it's fantastic! Lucky duck who ever wins it!

  2. Oh Paul! After seeing your amazing (!) trunk show on February 14th at the Ridge Meadows Quilt guild meeting, I really feel a happy connection to your quilts!

    Love this quilt - made with lots of 'happy' - one of my favourite ingredients in a sewing project of any kind. Thanks so much for pulling all your quilts together to bring them to show.

    So looking forward to our future workshop and hopefully more in the future!