Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quilts for my nieces

I don't think I've shown these two quilts yet.  They are quilts I made for my nieces several years ago.

For the pink quilt, I stacked 4 pink rectangles  on top of 4 white rectangles, then cut them randomly with wavy cuts - 7 cuts in all.  Then I sewed them together alternating the pink and white matching curves, and using one of each pattern in the block.  I then squared it up so each block was the same height, not worrying about the width.  I think each block was 10 inches high by 15 inches wide.

Libbie's Quilt Finished! by Quilt Circle
Libbie's Quilt Finished!, a photo by Quilt Circle on Flickr.

Here's a link to a tutorial I put on Flickr stepping you through the process with lots of pictures.

I played with appliqueing circles for the back using the fat quarters of the pink that didn't go as well with the ones I used on the front.  I embroidered the label on one of the circles on the back.
Libbie's Quilt back by Quilt Circle
Libbie's Quilt back, a photo by Quilt Circle on Flickr.
My other niece requested blue and black.

I found this on flicker as a black and hot pink quilt, and adapted it for a bundle of black fat quarters I bought.  I worked out a size and layout where I could get 2 blocks from each fat quarter.  I bought 3 blue fabrics to use for the alternating blocks.

Katie's Quilt, front by Quilt Circle
Katie's Quilt, front, a photo by Quilt Circle on Flickr.

Katie's Quilt, back by Quilt Circle
Katie's Quilt, back, a photo by Quilt Circle on Flickr.
For the back of this quilt, I made an interlocking block type of back that turned out interesting.  I think I was sewing on the bindings of both of the quilts on the day before Christmas.

Both girls like their grown-up quilts.  Here they are with the first quilts I made for them ages ago.

Libby and her quilt

Katie and her quilt