Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kshreya's Quilt

I'm working on a quilt for my co-worker's new baby.  I made one for her sister, so now I need one for her.  She was born in the spring, so this isn't that late.

I saw a great quilt with the three diagonal stripes on each block and had to make my own version.  This one is very low-volume, and at first I thought it was too pale, but it's been growing on me.
 I swapped out some blocks that were just too low volume and chose these. It's about 32 inches by 42 inches.
 I waited a month or so for inspiration to strike for the back.  In the end I went back to making banners which I've done on three quilts now.  I put together strips to get a 7 inch wide strip and cut the triangles from that.  I ran out of the Kona Snow, so mixed in some slightly darker fabric to get this scrappy look.
Three cheers for 505 basting spray!!  I'll be quilting it in the next few days in two overlapping spirals.

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