Thursday, April 7, 2011

What have I been up to?

Remember the Crazy Nine Patch Lattice from September last year?  It's finished!!  I showed it off at the March Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting.
I used leftover blocks and try-out blocks for the back.  I just "framed" them in dark gray with a green mat, and made a picture gallery for the back.  I was using up all the green fabric I had on hand, so you see three pictures have different green backgrounds. 

Here's the label.   Picture That! and Wonky Lattice by Paul Krampitz 2011. 

The boy scout style picture frames are easy to do. First sew a "mat" at least 3 inches wide around your "picture".  Then slice the mat in half across the top and insert a frame strip.  Slice the mat in half across the bottom and insert a frame strip.  Now do the same for the sides.  If you do them all parallel to the sides of your "picture" the overlap parts of the frame will line up fine.  If you cut them at an angle like I did, you'll find the stick-out ends may not line up properly.  Just don't cut at too much of an angle and you won't notice.

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