Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alannah and Aaron's Wedding Quilt

Alannah and Aaron's Wedding Quilt

On a quick local vacation at the end of summer, I found some a great bird fabric in Mount Vernon.  Then I got some coordinating fabric in Annacortes and lots of great coordinating fabrics in Coopville.

I fussy cut the birds, framed them in some muddied down solids, then improv pieced log cabin-ish strips around to get the blocks up to 12.5 inch squares.

The blocks were looking a little heavy, so I made more with less of the coordinating fabrics and more of the background.

I played around with the layout.  I didn't want the blocks to line up, so I sashed them on two sides.  The top or bottom got 3 inches of sashing, and the left or right got 4 inches of sashing.  The sashing was pieced with bits of the coordinating fabric to keep it from looking too empty.
I'm so happy with the way it ended up.
The back started with the strips of left over solids, then I scattered the left-over blocks, then I sewed together strips of the coordinating fabric and worked them between the solids.  The blocks weren't showing up so I framed them in what little solids I had left.

Here's some details.

I'm off to Hamilton for the wedding next weekend.  Alannah and Aaron should get years of use out of this quilt from "Uncle" Paul.

I also made a quilt for the bride's mother who fosters baby boys till their adoption.
 The back is Ikea fabric with a little applique for colour.


  1. I love love both of these quilts, Paul! Thanks for sharing your process on the wedding quilt.

  2. Love both of these quilts Paul! Too bad we won't get to see them "in person" at VMQG next week. I'm sure they will be loved by the recipients!

  3. Great to see you blogging again, Paul! I love the little bits of fabric between the blocks on the front of your wedding quilt. The back is also gorgeous, it's like a second front!

  4. Beautiful quilts, and I just love the dense quilting on them! So inspiring, and yes, great to see you blog! I check for updates..Kat P.

  5. I was a bit shocked to see you had been shopping in Mt.Vernon, Anacortes, and Coopville - and was taken aback when you said you were going to Hamilton? Hamilton, really? This world is sooooo small. I live in Hamilton.

    Your wedding gift is an AWESOME one! LOVE it!

  6. All your quilts are fabulous Paul! Both front AND back!!!