Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Wheel

I'm still coming up with a name for this one.

I bought a big 10degree wedge that I really wanted to try out.  At the VMQG meeting at Trout Lake, I won a 1/2 meter of Cynthia's newly designed fabric. The wedge is about 20 inches long, so I cut the fabric in half at the centre fold, then cut out all the wedges I could.  I then cut out white wedges and sewed them all together, alternating the fabric and the white.

I needed 2 more coloured wedges, so I went through my solids looking for scraps and I pieced together two more wedges - can you figure out which?
 It took a while to decide on the colour for the background.  I went with Kona Curry, the colour that sets off anything and everything.  It's such a fantastic colour!  I chose a dark blue as the binding as it matches the blue in the featured fabric.  Since I had to go to Spool of Thread to get the blue, I bought a strip of the featured fabric so I could do something on the back. 
The big circle and the rectangles on the back are purposely off centered.  It's artistic, really!

This is the "grown-up" quilt for a 14 year old boy, William.  His mom threw away his baby quilt after the dogs ruined it.  William was upset when he found out, so my dad asked me to make him a replacement quilt that William could keep through his adult life.

I just need to show this off at the guild meeting and get some photos off to Cynthia, the fabric designer.


  1. It looks great; can't wait to see it at the meeting.

  2. Curry is one of my favourite Kona colours - I agree that it goes with everything! This quilt is even more fabulous in person - thanks for sharing it, Paul!

  3. I love what you've done with Cynthia's fabric Paul! The big wheel has such movement

  4. What a fantastic quilt! Lucky William!!

  5. Love the new quilt, so fresh and gorgeous!

  6. You need a 'follow this blog' button so we can follow your journey :)

  7. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! It'll be off in the mail next week so Dad and Anne can give it to William for Christmas.

  8. Paul,

    Jo-Anne here (aka Victoria).

    LOVE the circle quilt and am going to sit down and make something now....just bought a wedge ruler. And I love your circle quilting to carry on the theme. Did you quilt it on a standard machine?

    We here in Victoria are in the midst of creating a modern guild so I was showing off your work to the "start up group" last night. Thanks for sharing.

    Keep up with the is so inspiring.