Monday, August 6, 2012

Trunk Show Part 2 - More Traditional Quilts

Here's more of my trunk show.  I'm still in my traditional phase here in the mid 90s.

 In 1993 I quilt my job at the Royal Bank and cut up my dress shirts to make this quilt top. The yellow zig zag isn't working for me, so I'll take that off when I finish it - if I ever do.

All of 94 I traveled through Africa from Cairo to Capetown using local transportation. This quilt is my diary of the trip.

In each town I visited, I would go to the tailor shops and ask for scraps of fabric. Once I had a few blocks done, I could just show them what I wanted the fabric for. Most of the fabric I got for free. I embroidered the name of the country, the town, and the name of the fabric, or the type of outfit that would be made from the fabric.

I have enough blocks made for two more quilts.


  1. I love red and white quilts, your pinwheels look so crisp! The story of your African quilt is great. What a wonderful souvenir!

  2. I love the story about your African sojourn. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful quilts, Paul! Especially the red and white (Broken Dishes?) and the African one! Your grandmother's Jacob's Ladder on point -- how unusual! Very contemporary looking.
    Thanks for sharing these photos.

  4. Beautiful quilts; maybe we can see them at show & tell?