Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree Skirts

I've been busy for the last couple of weeks making Christmas tree skirts.  The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild challenge for November was Christmas projects, so I made one skirt, then two, and now I'm up to 5.

Big Packages

The first one features fabric that I was too embarrassed to use up to now.  It got a good laugh when I showed it at the VMQG meeting.  The band I'm in had our 20th anniversary concert the end of November, and I put the tree skirt quilt into the silent auction we had during the concert and it went to $150!!  The yellow centre has spelled out in nice printing, "Dear Santa, Please bring me BIG Packages this year."

I got an 6 sided one pieced too.  It just needs to be quilted.

Then I did a star shaped one, but made it so complex that it took a while to get it pieced. 

Next is the start of an argyle one, that may end up as a table topper rather than a tree skirt.  I'll have to figure out who to give it to and what they would probably prefer.

Today, all day, I went from start to finish piecing a Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Skirt.
I put together a tutorial on how to make it.  Just click on the Tutorial link on the top of the right side column.  Let me know if you try it and let me know if I need to make anything clearer.
My inspirations for this skirt are:


  1. Wow have you been busy! I love the star one, and am going to give your tree one a try - hopefully get it done for this year! Thanks for the turorial, it looks pretty complete to me!

  2. Wow - it's a veritable Santa's Tree Skirt Sweatshop over at your place! Nicely done - I love the star one, too. And the argyle is cool cool cool.

  3. Hi Paul,
    I am getting ready to cut out the template for the Christmas Trees and am having a problem understanding your directions. The angle at the top of the tree must not be 45 degrees. If it was, it would not fit on a 12" wide by 15" long size rectangle as you describe for cutting out the fabric. Please tell me what your finished template size is so I can figure it out better. Is the bottom of the triangle 12"? Thanks, Joyce

    Please let me know at

  4. Joyce's question made me realize I haven't posted any instructions on how to make the template for the Christmas Trees skirt. Head on over to The tutorial page (there a link to it near the top of the right hand column) and you'll see an updated tutorial for the Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Skirt. It includes template building instructions as well as fat quarter friendly instructions.